Wednesday, September 3, 2008

goodbye nightly 1 1/2" needle!

I talked with my RE(who I thought wasn't calling me, but turns out she was leaving me messages on my broken cell-phone-which I only today found out how to get messages from)... Anyway, she is thrilled for us, and suggested that it must've worked this time because my lining was more "in synch" with where the embryos would be. That is a possibility, but my lining was almost the exact same size on the same pre=transfer day. I still think the main thing was the awful transfer, but we'll never know. She did say that she feels we just needed to get me pregnant, and I will do fine. I hope she is right!

I get to switch to suppositories. Me, Mr. S and my sore sore behind are all incredibly grateful for this! Daily injections have gotten VERY old.

She said to me "how is the endometrin?" and I said, "Actually, I only found out last night that I am allowed to switch." My nurse is away on vacation and was supposed to tell me before she left, but didn't. Luckily, I am on bulletin boards and saw others have switched, so I asked my sub. nurse. I had a moment of aggravation- that is 5 shots I could've done without. But, the relief of switching(and of being actually pregnant) works well to un-grumpify me.

As for the twin possibility, it really seems(as some of you said) like a toss-up. Some people have high numbers and get a singleton, some have low and get twins, etc.

In the meantime, we keep(unimaginatively) calling them "the babies." We could start calling my b.reasts the same thing, they are large, heavy and sore.


  1. Goodbye PIO! Yay! I meant to ask are you a Shady Grove girl??

  2. That's great you get to say goodbye to the shots. Can't wait to hear all wonderful news about your U/S. Funny about the "babies".

  3. emily- yes, shady grove. We were happy at columbia fertility(actually I wish we'd done it there) but they had a trial that helped pay for ivf. you?

  4. Pregnant Lady! What cautiously exciting news! I have a special love for in utero names but am pretty unimaginative at thinking them up - I'll see if anything comes to me. It's kind of fun to just call them The Babies,, hold on, I gotta take care of THE BABIES!

  5. Yeah for endometrin! I too would chose panty liners and laying down after insertion to injections any day. And I am so impressed your RE called you. Stay ungrumpified!

  6. I just caught up on your Tuesday post, and WOW! Congratulations on your beta! That is sooooo wonderful! And yay that PIO is history. Wonderful news all around.