Friday, September 5, 2008

Pests: crabgrass and insurance

Well, I spoke too soon about getting to stop PIO shots. Apparently, my insurance won't pay unless the Dr. calls/faxes them directly. They are so paranoid about covering anything infertility related, that none of our treatments/meds have been covered, even when it could be for something else. I hate them. Approval usually takes 48-72 hrs after they get the note from the Dr. So, I ordered more PIO. It has gotten to the point where it hurts and stings the entire time I get the shot, every night. I've heard this happens to other people. I would complain to my nurse/Dr. but what is the point, since I am being switched anyway?

The garden became a grassy jungle these last 3 weeks. I had been trying to take it easy from transfer day on, and let it all grow wild. (although it was a but jungly already), but since my RE gave me the OK for moderate/mild exercise I thought I'd take advantage of the cool morning, and the fact that I am not teaching today.

Crab grass had grown in amongst my tomatoes/okra/jalepenos. If you don't know what crabgrass it is, let me tell you. It is a tough grass that sends out thick, woody runners, sideways, and its blades are rough and not lush. I never knew it also grows up, but now I do, some of it had threaded up some tomato supports, over 2 feet high! It is hard to pull out(tough and strong) but VERY satisfying. I have a nice large pile to take back to compost.

I sat and weeded and felt calmer about all these meds and waiting. Just 5 days until my ultrasound. Grow and thrive, babies! Acorn and pumpkin; sunflower and moonflower; babyfishes.


  1. Yes, insurance is like a weed. From the global ecological perspective you can see they have a place in the world, but when it comes to dealing with them both in real life, they suck. GL!

  2. I am dealing with crabgrass too. I put boiling water on it to kill it without pesticides. Works great for small areas obviously. Sending my best for a wonderful U/S!

  3. awwww! the way you ended the post made me say aw out loud.

    i love that feeling of getting work done, especially physical work when you can see the results.

    five days... very exciting!

  4. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I hadn't thought about the "carrying high" thing, but I think you're right. I left a longer reply to your comment on my blog. :)

    I can't believe that your ultrasound is coming up so soon. How many weeks/days will that be?? So exciting!

    Your garden sounds wonderful. We're on a second round of tomato plants because our first batch died... we think it was due to taking off too many minor branches/leaves and thus depleting the plant of its light gathering ability. We're also going to plant peas and beans from seeds this weekend... they're supposedly cool season plants, so we'll see if they have enough time to grow before the days grow too short. Gardening is hard!

    We have a big compost pile, too, but it is mostly the more benign clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps. I am always afraid of adding weeds for fear of having seeds in the batch of compost.

    I have a lot to learn about both gardening and about being pregnant and parenting! All fun, though!