Friday, September 12, 2008


I have been feeling off all day. I've had moments of mild queasiness for the past 7-9 days, but today it is much worse. I woke up this morning feeling yucky, and, if I don't eat something small pretty darn often, I feel icky again. This is messing with me and my plan to spend the day cleaning/organizing.

Many people swear that they will never complain about pregnancy symptoms, once they finally get pregnant. I, however, promised no such thing! I always knew that if I finally did get pregnant, I would deserve feeling/saying what was going on with me. Maybe this is because I've been lucky, and not had to deal with lots of "you're lucky you don't feel like this" comments from friends, as some of my IF friends have.

I did, however, hear lots of "we were just lucky... we were extra fertile" which are things that should be outlawed to say around people that are either A: dealing with infertility or B: someone you don't know enough to know if they are A.

No food aversions yet. Things I am an extra fan of: pistachio nuts, cucumber, oatmeal, boiled eggs, juice, crackers.

But honestly, typing all of those together brought back the ick factor.

Still, I know this is normal, and helps me feel like the baby is growing along as s/he should be.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Yes, nausea is associated with high hormone levels during placenta building, a great sign your baby is growing. I kept a cheerios with me at all times, sucked on ginger root, and used seabands and acupuncture for my morning, noon, and night sickness. Take care and sorry for the moronic comments from the insensitive fertiles.

  2. Sorry you are feeling icky! Take care of yourself this weekend and I hope these symptoms pass quickly for you!

  3. yeayyy morning sickness! I'm sorry that you don't feel well (that's the pits) but so happy that the baby is developing its placenta! So wonderful. What other amazing feats will your body and the baby's perform during week six??

  4. i think you deserve support around how you feel, whether it is emotional or physical. you're headed into the worst few weeks of it and need lots of love and indulgence!

  5. I had to eat lots of small, high-protein meals. Candied ginger can be great.