Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thaw and Grow

The transfer went well. I have 5 more hours of bedrest. Mr. S brought me the computer- it is on a little bed-tray. I am only on for updates, as I want to be relaxerton.

The blasts thawed well, the embryologist said they were beautiful. My bladder was super full(they need it full so they can see easily with the abdominal ultrasound). I remembered to bring a sweater and a wrap, so I wasn't too chilly. I got a good RE, she was super friendly and professional. Mr. S was like "that was light years from last time"(when we got the jerky RE for our transfer).
She had me take a deep breath and we watched the transfer take place. My uterus looked like it was all lining, which I guess is good.

Afterwards I laid back, and the embryologist brought in the picture for us, Mr. S will scan it later, and I'll try and post it. I think one was starting to hatch.

On the drive home, I laid the seat back and watched the sky and trees. I ignored the rush hour traffic we got stuck in. I closed my eyes and held my face to the sun and thought growing, happy thoughts. We listened to our IVF mix cd's which are wonderful.

My brother has been staying with us, and he did reiki on me before I left to go to the transfer. I feel much more calm and peaceful than I did last time. I have some more grading to do before I am done with my summer class, but I am not stressing about it.

I was trying to name the blasts, thinking about it while we drove home(it took a long time, dc beltway traffic is awful.)

Here are some contenders:
1. Sun & Moon(b/c one is clearly moonlike(are all blasts?) and the other looks like the sun with solar flares)- could be sunflower and moonflower to match the planty-theme of the blog.
2. pumpkin and squash- to continue the planty theme, two things that are thriving in my garden.
3. Luke & Leia- for obvious reasons(and b/c I was really into Star Wars as a kid)
4. bumble and honey- for the bees that are going crazy in my garden
5. Angela & Jordan(from My So Called Life, Jordan's band is 'Frozen Embryos')
6. or we could just have one name for them both- the little pumpkins, acorns, etc



  1. I vote for "the little punkins" My dad called me punkin (southern for pumpkin;-) until I was about 13 and it makes my heart glow still:-) Glad that all went well, June and I were thinking of you two yesterday! Sending lost of good thoughts your way.

  2. Luke & Leia, because those thawed Blasts are little Warriors! So happy to see that the transfer went well and extremely excited for you! I think the hatching is an excellent sign, and the relaxation so helpful. Wishing you guys all the best!

  3. This just reminded me that I had childhood friends (who weren't twins) whose nicknames were A and B.

    Whatever you decide to call them, I hope they sublet your condo-like uterus.

  4. Gee, lots of great choices, all wonderful whatever you and Mr.S decide works for me. Grow embies and thrive, May the Force be with you, hmm, maybe I am leaning towards Luke and Leia too. Best Wishes to all! (((Hugs))) too!

  5. i vote for sun & moon b/c they remind me of you and Mr. S... or luke & leia for reasons already mentioned/known. but i liked all the names you came up with, too!!

  6. I like the sun and moon names. Hooray to a great transfer!

  7. Wow. What a big day you had! I am proud of you for staying relaxed. I was surprised to hear you were awake for transfer. Maybe that is always the case...I will have to look deep into the IVF folder from my RE.

    Now for the wait. Keep up those positive, nurturing thoughts!

  8. Glad to hear that the thaw and transfer went well and your "pumpkins" (how could I not choose it?) are settling in just right.

  9. Like Neil, I like Sun and Moon. :)

  10. Congrats on the excellent transfer. I like all of your name combos, but I lean against the ones which clearly designate gender 'cause that part is still up in the air.

    A hatching blastocyst sounds very very good. I think that is considered Stage 5.

    Snuggle in, embies!!

  11. I like acorns, it reminds me of you. Thinking positive thoughts...