Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Folly of Early Testing

Today's line was faint, fainter than yesterday's(which still looks like a real line).
I am so annoyed at myself for testing early! I am only 10 dp"o" today, so I know it is ridiculously early. My original plan had been to start testing on Wed. or Thursday, but the POAS- bug bit me.

I'm finishing up the typing and moving onto arranging artwork for the kid's anthology. I love child drawings, the way they deal with trying to visually express what they perceive the world(or what is in their head) to be. Faces seem paramount, on people and animals. Arms and hands seem to cause a lot of uncertainty. Whatever is most important(or whomever) is largest in the drawing.

I sometimes do brief drawing lessons in amongst my writing lessons, and I love to see them using their new knowledge.

Me- "what shape is the head?"
2nd grade class- "ROUND!"
I draw a circle and ask them to look at the person next to them.
Someone asks, "Oval?"
Me- "Yes" I draw an oval.
Me- "Where do the eyes go?"
Class- "Top of the head!"
I draw two eyes on the top of the round head, and repeat the "look at someone near you" advice.
We progress from there, with proportions, and how the nose lines up with the ears, etc.
The next drawings are noticeably better, and still charming.


  1. Best of Luck and Happy Wishes for the beta testing for the population of "Poppyopolis". You sound like a wonderful teacher, how lucky those children are and yours will be!

  2. my fingers are crossed!!!!!!!!

  3. great posts! sounds like a fun class. best of luck, thinking of you all the time!

  4. Ya know, I've heard that the darkness of the line has a lot to do with the amount of dye in the test, and that can vary from stick to stick in the same batch. So don't go crazy with the line darkness...

    Good luck!