Monday, June 2, 2008


I teach poetry, at the college level, and in the schools. I am currently typing up poems for an anthology for my after-school program. I teach K-3rd graders there, once a week, and have been doing so all year(and last year).

Here is a story two second graders wrote, I hadn't read it before, and got a pleasant surprise(city name) while typing it just now:

"Princess Cloe and Prince Max

Once underwater a beautiful princess and her parents lived, in an underwater city called Poppyopolis*. And in a different underwater city lived a handsome prince. They met each other and fell in love. They hung out so much their parents separated them. Their parents locked them in their rooms. They couldn’t see each other or talk on their pearl phones. They sneaked out the window and their parent’s guards caught them one night hugging and kissing. Their parents thought for a moment and let them get married. And one day they had twins, one was a boy and the other was a girl and they all lived happily ever after.

The End
* they used my real first name

Twins in Poppyopolis!!!

I tested yesterday to see if the trigger(the trigger leaves hcg in your system) was gone. I think it was, there was a faint, evap style line. I tested today, just to see
and there was a less faint line. Still faint though! I am 4days past 5 day transfer. I am excited to test tomorrow.


  1. Here's hoping their story comes true!

  2. How cool!
    Crossing my fingers for a BFP in Poppyopolis!

  3. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP in Poppyopolis as well!!!

  4. I LOVE the story!

    So let me get this straight - you're testing to watch the trigger leave, and yesterday's test was a hair darker than the test from the day before?

    I hope that things are blossoming in Poppyopolis!