Thursday, August 16, 2012

post RE meeting

wow, I never posted after our appointment. As we expected, the RE suggested IVF as our only option, but was open to us trying one IUI on our own, and considering donor sp.erm. As she said, "It doesn't matter how you get the baby, you will love the baby." We appreciated that she was willing to have us do an IUI, even with Mr. S's low count. So, we did all of our bloodtests(std) and bloodwork(mine) turns out my fsh etc is still below 5, exactly where it was at 36! Take that, 40! I did have a slight elevation on thyroid so had to get more testing(and wait a month to try anything). Has anyone been to Quest for bloodwork? It was sort of crazy there, signs about drug testing and that we couldn't wash our hands in certain bathrooms. I was there with Acorn, and all the rest of the people there ignored us. Good news was no elevated tsh. So, we are going to go for unmedicated IUI. Our insurance negotiated a deal so it costs very little to do them. However, if we did medicated(even clomid) the fee goes up by $1500! Crazy. In the meantime, we've been looking into donors. Our local cryobank is well-reputed but not at all diverse, so we'd probably have to go with California.

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