Thursday, April 21, 2011

... is good

Acorn is almost one and a half. She is at an amazing age and I am feeling more thankful, every day, that I get to have this person in my life.
Her newest thing to say is... phrases! She likes to talk about things to eat/drink and say they are good. "ahder(water) is good"... "oatmee is good" etc. I love it. Yesterday, we went to my brother's new house and had dinner with him and his wife on their porch, delivery sushi, and Acorn loved the seaweed salad, saying "seawee is good". She also will tell us where someone is: Nana is downstairs, Acorn outside(when she wants to go). etc.
I've been told by many people that kids start to accept less foods as they get close to 2, so we are trying to introduce her to many flavors, now. She may not eat a lot of each thing, but will taste. In the past week she has had: bean and cheese pupusas with cabbage 'sauce', sushi rice, tempura sweet potato, spiced ham, maple turkey, scrambled eggs, yogurt with peaches and cardamom, steamed artichoke with garlic butter, peanut stew with greens.

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  1. Yumm! I want to eat with you guys! That's cool that she is saying phrases -- it's so neat to understand better what is on her mind.