Wednesday, February 16, 2011

moon and stars

I love the moon. I love the moon so much that I have one tat.too and it is of the moon. I used to watch the moon from the backseat of my grandparents car(when I lived with them instead of my parents for over a year) and imagine it following me and keeping watch over me. It seemed very constant. And now, I know that constancy and presence was very important for a young girl who wondered why she wasn't living with either of her parents.

Acorn has discovered the moon and says, "moooon" when she sees it, day or night. She is always right. She does not say it for streetlights, even when they are right beside the moon, and even in the phase when the moon has a slightly streetlight-ish shape. For the stars, she says, 'dtars' I can't approximate it any better than that.
Sometimes she says, "Moon, dtars, moon, moon, mama mama, MAMA."

I love it.

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  1. Yay! How awesome that she has discovered this thing that is so precious to you -- now it something you can share together.