Saturday, February 12, 2011

funny girl

Through the years of dealing with Infert.ility, when imagining myself with a child, I rarely saw myself beyond this stage, beyond a baby. I envisioned a baby, wistfully, an infant. I wouldn't even let myself think of a child, it was too much, especially as I longed more and more and for longer and longer.

And suddenly, my baby, my girl is becoming a child. And, she is a funny one. She has a clear sense of humor and finds many things hilarious. One of the new ones: sneaking up on Mama and attacking my back. She loves this. We roar and growl at each other and roll around the bed at least once a day. She is more and more fun, and though she can still let out cries of frustration and aggravation, they seem to happen less often.

And, her language acquisition is a bit crazy. She tries to mimic about every 5th word I say. She gains 1-2 words a day, it is rather fun. Today she said, "oat-meeeel" for her favorite breakfast.

Acorn in the snow(15 months old):


  1. The surreal moments come fast and furious don't they? While in the trenches, a baby is just an idea, a figment... but now that she's a reality things move so quickly!

    Love the pic! Acorn is adorable!

  2. She is so darling! I too didn't think much about this stage at all -- it's fun! I envisioned baby and older child, and honestly was terrified of toddlerhood.

    Yay for oatmeal! It is our daily breakfast too.