Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last night, Mr. S and I listened to the icy snow rain falling all around our house, making a beautiful noise. I awoke to myself one year older, and the baby walking in the room saying, "hi!" Mr. S let me sleep in an extra 45 minutes, which helped take the edge off of the three wake-ups we had last night.
In the car, I told Acorn we were going to take her to Grandma's so Mr. S and I could have lunch and celebrate my birthday. She said, "Happy!" and I got a bit teary, as I've been teaching her to say "happy" for her grandparents and uncle, all of whose birthdays started January. The leap she made today astounded me.
It is, indeed, a Happy Day.

the fir just outside our driveway, taken with my new camera this afternoon

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  1. Their little minds are so fertile! Happy day to you.