Thursday, April 1, 2010

21 week old

My baby is 21 weeks old today!
New things for this week:
1. slept through the night 2 times(but woke 3 times last night, so no new trend in sight)
2. can grab her toes with her hands. Makes diaper changing easier.
3. Has a new smile, she crinkles up her nose. Does this especially when she sees the camera.
4.Doesn't mind tummy time as much.
5. Has been yelling a LOT, maybe because of teething, we can't tell. Some afternoons are very long because of this.
6. Made her first 'joke' yesterday. She grabbed my elbow while I was changing her diaper and gave me a mischievous look. She started laughing when I looked at the way she held my arm. She has done this about 4 more times, and laughs each time I respond to the way she has grabbed me.
7. She grabs at plants when we're walking outside, has pulled forsythia blossoms from the branch.

She is still a baby, but the person, her personality is starting to really show.


  1. What a magical time! I love her look in the picture. So nice to hear what Acorn is doing. :-)

  2. She is gorgeous!! Don't you just love their little personalities?