Friday, March 12, 2010

new poe.m - post-blizzard, spring coming

swee.tbitter unmanageable creature who steals in

Winter will bonsai the garden
whether you want it or not.
Snow heavy, bent. Removal
of branches, every berry the birds left
each seed head, flattened.
Shine, split orange bittersw.eet.
Nest, windblown, beside the rosemary
search for a remainder of sage
Tomorrow’s meal an idea you hope for,
today: brown butter, add mushrooms
wipe steam from your face
listen for the bab.y.
Let the cat come in
but shake the mouse from his jaws.
The pan is hot, iron sparks against the stove.
Sweetbitter creature who steals in,
unmanageable, loveable.
My heart seemed full, last year
it wasn’t.


  1. Poppy, you are such a beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. absolutely breathtaking imagery!