Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 months

Acorn will be 4 months old tomorrow, and it is both crazy to me to think she is that old, and also not crazy because my life is so centered around her(mostly in a good way) nowadays. Thinking of the time reminds me of my relationship with Mr. S. We used to say, "Can you believe it has been X- years?" but then we couldn't imagine life without one another. (It will be 10 yrs this August, by the way)... That is how I feel about Acorn. At this time last year we were newly pregnant and very nervous. Wow.
Acorn coos and talks up a storm while in happy activity, and is quite a charmer.
Our newest challenge is super short naps(20-30 minutes on average) which make her grumpy, that, and she is very distracted while eating. If I talk, or if she hears others talking she wants to turn around and see what is going on. That makes being out a bit harder. I have perfected the car-nurse. She has this way of looking at me, post-feed and grinning adorably that makes me hope it is awhile until her teeth come in!
Nonetheless, we have been active, on weekdays especially. Between me working part-time, baby yoga, bre.astfeeding group and errands, we are often out for 4-6(or more) hours a day.

Spring bulbs are peeking their greenery up through the earth and I can't wait to have warm air to walk around in, and to share with Acorn.


  1. Poppy!!! oh my! she is too cute!!! how awesome that things are going well, and your gratitude and enjoyment of this blessing shows through your every word. It'll be beautiful to share your love of gardening and all things budding and blooming with your daughter.

  2. She is SOOO cute! Wow. Glad to hear things are going well!

  3. Every new photo of Acorn is more beautiful than the previous. Happy 4 month birthday cutie pie. As the weather gets nicer, there are so many things you can introduce to her--so exciting!! Do you think she love gardening the way mommy does?