Monday, December 7, 2009

one month

I've been reading _from the h.ips_ the book a friend sent me and that was highly recommended. Man, is it helpful to read through all of the conflicting emotions and reactions that people have after they baby arrives!

Acorn is one month old and has celebrated by sleeping a full 5 hours in a row, three nights in a row! Of course, this starts at 7pm, and after 2+ hours of fussy cluster feeding(which wears me out, but at least I have the hope of quiet to get me through it...) Part of me wants to just go to sleep when she does, but I have been going to bed more around 930-10. Unfortunately, my b.reasts still wake me up every 2.5-3 hours! They get leaky and I wake, wondering why the baby isn't feeding. I am trying to pump less, so they will desist. I have to do laundry a LOT because of milk on my day and night clothes! I do another 2 hour wake and feed around 1-2am, and am dealing pretty well with the broken sleep. Mostly, that is.

I am still having some pains in that area as well, mostly b/c the antibiotics for the mastitis re-flared the yeast inf. which causes crazy shooting pains. So strange! I do look forward to not feeling governed by my chest, but know that will be months or more.

But, I am able to look ahead a few days, and I can see how Acorn is getting into a semi-rhythm and also starting to make faces at us. I've seen her 'sleep-smile' a few times and can't wait to see it when she is awake!

It snowed Saturday, huge fat flakes. Mr. S and I were on the couch with the baby between us, and I had one of my first peaceful, truly happy moments. Lovely.


  1. Birch, all of the breastfeeding travails seem like so much at once, especially when you're feeding/pumping every 2-3 hours. Holy moly! So glad for your peaceful, happy, snowy moment this weekend. My guess is that as Sylvie gets older you'll get more and more of those (up to a certain point with the peacefulness;-). Sending you lots of love and support!

  2. One month!! Holy moly! Time is flying! So glad to hear BFing is progressing and that you are feeling better.
    Wasn't the snow gorgeous? Enjoy the magic of the season with Acorn!