Friday, October 9, 2009

The Onesie on the Line

My brother bought us a lovely set of organic cotton onesies, they are adorned with little raccoons and forest creatures. I saw them at the store and really really wanted one for our baby, but withheld, since our baby shower was coming up. I did buy one for a fellow infertile whose baby is due within a couple of weeks of ours. So, when I got them from him, I was quite happy!

I washed the one that is newborn sized, and hung it outside with the rest of my laundry(mostly shirts, nightgowns of my own)...

Last night I went to get them when I got home from work. I saw the tiny cream colored onesie with the tiny footed ends hanging there.

Something so small to hold a whole person. To hold the small person that will be living in my house. I had a moment of disbelief. Incredulity that this is happening to me, after 3 + years of trying, waiting, the moment will come when my baby's clothes dominate that laundry line.


  1. It's quite nice, isn't it. :-) I had that realization yesterday, that my whole house and life is dominated by my LO. And baby clothes hanging on the line is one of the most precious sights ever.

  2. I had a very similar surreal moment when I had hung up two preemie outfits in the nursery closet. It is a feeling you will hopefully remember forever. And I am quite sure we will continue to experience many more moments of disbelief.

  3. You are getting so close now, congratulations! It hasn't worked for me yet but after following your journey I am convinced that it will happen for me one day. And I will be as appreciative of those moments like you are.
    I hope everything goes smoothly for you, I look forward to hearing about your bundle of joy!

  4. What a wonderful feeling! I'm so happy for you. :)

    My hubby bought "the boys" matching Eagles onesies at the last home game - cracked me up! I keep them hanging on the doorknob of our spare bedroom as a reminder that this is really happening. Crazy, isn't it?