Friday, June 12, 2009

odd dreams

Just the other evening, Mr. S was telling a friend about how my dreams are odd in that I am usually not myself in them. While he was telling her that, I realized that lately, I am usually myself in them. I wondered if it was a pregnancy thing?

So, last night I had a vivid, very sad dream. And, I wasn't myself, I was a 15 yr old girl in a drama camp. I went to the bathroom and noticed something in my underwear(hello pregnancy worries, you don't go away quickly, do you?) and looked and it was a strange, clear bowl like mass, and in it a tiny(like 2 inches long) clear baby. I was so so sad, sad as the girl who wanted the baby. I was supposed to be doing an audition scene, but couldn't leave the bathroom b/c I couldn't stop crying. I held the clear bowl(sort of gummy-like, icky but true) and cried and cried while my friend said, "stop doing this in here, use the emotion in the scene!" (she didn't know what was going on)...
I woke up with tears on my pillow, and had to shake myself out of the mood.

The interesting thing is that drama is the one art form I never really explored in h.s./college.

Somehow, I wasn't too worried/paranoid upon waking, b/c that girl was so clearly not me.

In general, since becoming pregnant, my dreams have been very vivid, but fairly pedestrian, as in mostly in and around my waking life, not surreal/other. Anyone else have intense dreams, either normally, with your cycle, or due to pregnancy?


  1. I've had a lot of very bizarre, vivid dreams since becoming pregnant. From what I hear it is pretty common. I think they happened for me mostly in the second trimester. Now that I'm in the third I have to get up and use the bathroom every 90 minutes or so, so I never really fall that deeply asleep.

  2. Girl, the dreams are crazy! I've had several very sad and scary dreams about losing the babies too, and it really throws you. I hope the rest of your dreams are pleasant ones!

  3. I had crazy dreams when pregnant. Sorry for the sadness, this dream really released so much it sounds like. (sorry for the poor grammar, it's early here in Cali.) Big ((Hugs))

  4. Yes, super intense vivid dreams! To the point where I too had a hard time shaking them off upon waking. They got so bizarre that I stopped trying to make sense of them. There was the occasional long sequence, but also lots of bits and fragments. Also dreamt about people I hadn't thought of in years, a very random assortment of them! So yes, my dream life during pregnancy was quite vivid.

  5. Absolutely having the strange & vivid pregnancy dreams. Sorry yours was so sad :(

  6. My dreams during this pregnancy are VERY VIVID. Some good, some bad.

    I'll actually wake up and feel like I've lost a couple of days overnight!

  7. I had dreams of carrying a fetus around in a pint glass. Also one like you described, where I went to the bathroom, and out came a miniature and completely translucent baby. I was so sad when I woke up!