Monday, June 1, 2009

Heartbeat and almost relaxed

I've felt a lot of growth in my abdomen through the last 7 days. It is crazy to feel the hardness of the uterine wall pressing up, under my soft belly. It has made me feel more relaxed, confident. (although there were a couple of days where I had all this abdomen pain and got worried, before I read about ligaments stretching...)
We had our monthly OB appointment today. It was a swift as usual, but we did hear the heartbeat, for about 15 seconds, which was great, especially for Mr. S, who hadn't been at the last appt. I am only up about 4-5 lbs(from pre-pregnancy), which is crazy, except that I had gained weight with the miscarriage, IVF meds, so I had some fat to spare.

This morning, before the appointment, I was till having those dire thoughts "If we find out the heartbeat has stopped, how will I get myself home?" I am so ready to be DONE with such thinking!

We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled, we are lucky, the fancy place is in the same building as our OB, so we just walked up 1 flight to make the appt.

I bought myself a pregnancy magazine and realized I am ready to start planning the nursery, I am starting to think ahead!

Oh, and thanks for the job advice. My gut feeling is to work, so that will be the plan for now. Knowing I'll be home with the baby full-time, about 1 month after our due date, helps. And, I think I will be happy for some structure/distraction for the 2 months pre-baby. After the baby comes may be hard, but we'll manage. Maybe I'll make Mr. S come to class with me and wait nearby with baby... :) I can handle 1 hour.


  1. Yay! I can just hear the sigh of relief. That's so wonderful that you are settling in now and can start planning the nursery - fun!

  2. When G was about two months old K&G had a play they wanted to go to but didn't want to be too far from him, so I went downtown with them and wore him around Chinatown in a baby bjorn while they watched the play. It gave a lot of piece of mind for them to know that he was one phone call and two minutes away:-) I'll come hold baby during your classes too!!!

  3. Doesn't the realization that you are planning ahead feel great? I am so glad your pregnancy is going so well!


  4. I love that you're starting to plan ahead - that's a great sign!

  5. thanks everyone. And, I can't help but plan ahead, when it comes to classes, as I agreed to teach this class 2 months ago, and they like things set 4-6 months in advance.
    But yes, it does feel more hopeful!