Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bats and Fireflies

Our weekend was full of family/community.

Saturday we had our niece's 10th birthday party. There was a 2 story inflatable water slide(think super tall monbounce) and three deluxe cakes + tons of food.
Every adult who walked in the back yard said, "woah!" every 7-10 year old said, "wow!" and set to stripping off their clothes. It was a good idea, albeit overwhelming in a city yard, and the screams got old(at least for me) after a couple of hours.

We helped out a lot as usual and Mr. S kept saying "It is OK if we go now,"(as we had another kid bday party that we'd responded to before getting the invite) but I was like "we have to sing 'happy birthday'" It feels weird to leave a child's party before that.

BIL was like, "Shall we expect similar parties from you two?" about Mr. S and I for our child. And I said, "I think bowling is more our style." SIL wasn't around for the query, so I felt OK to answer that way. It is interesting, I can see the fam starting to get curious about our upcoming parenting style. It is starting to feel real, this transition that is coming.

Sunday night we had another party, a housewarming for some pool friends. They bought a foreclosure house in poor shape and have done an amazing reno-job. The party was great fun, with an entire 'georgian(russian) feast' laid out, and drinks provided by the guests. They have a fantastic dress-up box and many of the 3-6 yr olds were decked out in costumes, which made for a magical backdrop.

Walking back to our car the sky was almost to night, that pale grey-blue, and the fireflies were at eye level while bats were flying overhead, weaving the sky. The beauty brought me out of my tired fun-weekend-but-too-many-parties mood and gave me one of those pure moments of gratefulness for family, community, my growing belly and summer abundance.


  1. Sounds like quite the weekend. I'm glad that you were able to have a moment of appreciation. Best Always.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Your hubby sounds like mine!

  3. how wonderful that it's starting to feel real to you. Thiking about our parenting style sure sounds fun too. Wonderful weekend. Love the bats and fireflies. Well, summer is actually my favorite season. :)

  4. ..a moment indeed.

    What a busy, but great weekend!

  5. What a fun-filled and busy weekend! Glad you are doing well, and baby is growing. I'm all for bowling parties too :)