Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reading about Food

Some of you know I teach cre.ative writing, already, now all of you do. It is always interesting to see what I notice about what my students are writing. Themes are pretty consistent with college students: love, parents, relationships, random violence, drunken-ness, poems about childhood, many stories about highly successful but unhappy people.

Last semester I noticed (and I think there were) more stories about pregnancy. As far as I know, none of my students knew I'd been pregnant at the beg. of the semester.

This semester, people seem to mention food alot. I have a feeling it is no more than usual. But, reading a student's piece at 8 am, a piece that has the food combo "meatballs and asparagus" made me feel green(easy to do these days) and I just opened the next piece(these are creative non-fic) and it is about subw.ay sandwiches.

I went to get a bowl of cereal and will read it in a bit.

My morning sickness is manifesting mostly as general nausea, and a desire not to think about or see food, unless I am eating it.

In class, we start the fiction unit this week. Here's hoping they stick to relationship issues!

My ultrasound is in 2 hours, I am less nervous than usual, more excited. I hope it goes well.


  1. Good luck! I wanna see some good blob pics!

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful U/S!

  3. thinking of you!


    oh yes, well I unfortunately had a creative non-fiction course where I had them write about a life-changing moment...needless to say at my community college I read a billion scary birth stories. Eek. I had to ban them.

  4. Yuck! Sorry!

    GL @ your u/s and thank you so much for you generous offer. I will keep you posted!