Friday, April 3, 2009

naive in nausea

I foolishly thought that last week's general malaise and ickyness was as bad as my 'morning' sickness would get. Wrong!

I've been feeling off so easily and quickly lately that I just lay on the couch when I get home. Shopping is still a hit or miss thing. Some days I leave the store with just 3 items. The best was Tuesday. I went to Gi.ant and bought orange juice, bugels(I am having a weird craving, but I fear them) and donuts(Mr. S is craving). As I was checking out, I thought, "my order looks like I must be either high or pregnant."

I have managed to avoid the actual heave-y side effects, except when tooth brushing.

We will hit 9 weeks on Sunday, I can't believe it. Wow.

Last night's dinner was one I was worried to cook, but ended up making me feel great. Super simple: bar.illa multigrain spaghetti, garlic, fresh clams, vermouth and young swiss chard. + pepper. Super simple, but very hearty/healthy.

It is dark grey and raining outside. I hope this weather gets it out of its system, we need some sun!


  1. Bugles with canned cheese squirted into them is my guilty pleasure!

  2. Yeah for 9 weeks! I am so sorry for the nausea, I used sea bands and ginger candy to help, also I sucked on lemons and got some acupuncture treatments. Take care and enjoy your bugles.

  3. Tell Mr. S I packed on about 10 pounds of sympathy weight.

  4. 9 Weeks?! YAY! Here comes the sun...

    Dinner sounds yum-o!

  5. I had the same toothbrushing situation and my dentist told me to use a kiddie brush. It helped a little. Congrats on 9 weeks!!!

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