Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 years ago today

*I was eating breakfast and talking to Mr. S, who was upstairs in our B&B(we weren't seeing each other, but were certainly talking!)
-I was wondering if the forecasted storms would make us move our wedding indoors. (we got to do the ceremony outside, but the reception was indoors, and surprisingly magical)

*My friends helped me get ready, did my hair, make-up, arranged flowers, made wonderful food, read poems and cheered our vows.
-I didn't understand why my dress was loose, last minute wedding jitters had made me lose weight!
*Our family got extra dressy, got a little lost on the way to the rehearsal dinner, read poems, made food, read poems, officiated(!), cried as we walked the labyrinth, took photos, and dj'ed music.
-My students served food and alcohol, played music( an incredible classical guitarist, a great 3 piece jazz band)- don't worry, we paid them...

*And, I walked a labyrinth and found Mr. S in the center and we got married. The river was sparkling, loving faces were all around us, and in the center it was just he and I and words we had chosen to say to each other. Vows that bind us.

It was a long, wonderful, exhausting day. And lovely. Our community was present, the community we can't wait to share with our baby.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your Dh! What a lovely wedding story and now onto to the next chapter...
    My 15th wedding anniversary is next week, Yippee for April Brides!

  2. It was a great wedding. I love a wedding with a theme. Congrats on 4 years!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding you guys had.

    I can't believe you are almost 12 weeks now! Awesome!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    This post made me all misty - sounds like a beautiful day!

  5. thanks everyone- writing about it made me weepy grateful. :)

    Martha- happy almost anniversary!

    Nina- It was great to have you there, esp. in your awesome outfit!

  6. I remember: grilling pineapple in historic St. Mary's; shopping at Walmart with Boddie, CP, NX & Ldoone; the looming clouds and amazing labyrinth - you & Mr S both so dashing and debonair - how yummy the buffet was, and eating & dancing with Doone and Pesce's and Miz Reed et al; going to church point and crafting a mystery screenplay with JKlip & JCattrl, and of course surprising the Clove; and just being in St. Mary's, the magical place that it is.

    I want to come visit with you guys soon. xoPD

  7. Ooh...Passiondesi made me remember the one of the best parts...eating in the St. Mary's cafeteria!

  8. Happy Anniversary! The labyrinth is intriguing...maybe you can post pictures of it one day. Enjoy the weekend celebrating!!