Sunday, April 26, 2009

12 weeks and the neglected garden

Pregnant me + general first trimester nausea = my garden is at least 1/2 weeds.

Some days I get out and do one area, but oh my, is it awful. Our 'grass' is more chickweed, etc, than grass. It was that way when we moved in. I just mow that area, but it bothers me in the flower & herb beds.

I am happy to be feeling mostly better. Now, instead of an every day thing, the nausea just hits a few times a week. I am 12 weeks today, and I hope to bid a huge farewell to any and all nausea soon.

So, I was weeding, and some weed, if you wait too long(well, I think it thinks I waited the perfect amount of time) sends out projectile seeds. So, now I am finding tiny yellow seeds on my neck and cleavage, and in my hair.

I also find that pregnant me gets light-headed if bent over too long, I need to find some way to get to do my garden work without feeling woozy.

We had a couple of thunderstorms this week, and one had hail, and I found out it had a nice side-effect: it knocked all of the aphids off of our little japanese maple. How cool is that?

The rosebushes need true pruning, and the juniper is doing its yearly march into my vegetable beds. But, many things are flourishing in our rainy spring weather.

Mr. S bought me the loveliest flowers for our anniversary: lilacs, orange and red poppies and fringed tulips. They smell amazing and are cheerful to look at.

Oh, and I saw the first ladybug of the season yesterday. Cute.


  1. I ended up getting a little gardening stool from Amazon that rolls around so I could help with weeding. Then again, it was more a function of not being able to get up/down easily - there is still bending over to do. Hopefully this will pass for you.

    12 weeks?! Wow... time moves fast doesn't it?? Congratulations!!!

  2. Yeah for 12 weeks and a settling tummy! Try and drink more liquids to help w/the lightheadness. Also ask your OB about a bloodwork check for potential anemia (very common w/pregnant women including moi.)

  3. It was so good to catch up with all that's going on in your garden and with your pregnancy. Somehow, your blog address got moved to a strange place in my bookmarks, and I am happy to see that all is going well. Your 13 week milestone is approaching fast-I bet your nausea will disappear soon.

  4. 12 weeks!?! Congrats!

    I'm sure your garden still looks beautiful!

  5. Yay! 12 weeks! We have these spring-loaded curly cue weeds that when you touch them, they explode. There literally is no way to pick them after they've set seed. I wonder if those are the same kind - are east coast and west coast weeds the same?

  6. Currently my ONLY symptom is lightheaded-ness. Every time I stand up, or even a quick leaning over makes me dizzy. I have to take it really slow and hang on to the wall/railing/DH.

    Wow, I can't believe you are already at 12 weeks! Congratulations!