Saturday, March 7, 2009

Looking for the Safe Zone

This morning I woke early, and had some quiet time with Lulen and Luna, and even visualized Lulen on the left and Luna on the right. We will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I realized that I am just sort of holding my breath until we pass 7 weeks, because we miscarried right before that, last time.

Logically, I know that passing the 7 week mark is no magic "safe zone" but it will be a personal milestone. I wonder how many people have these little markers? I can imagine that we'll pass that(please let us pass it) and then move the 'marker' up, to 8 weeks, then 10, etc.

So, the 3rd beta(19dper, or 14dp5dt) came in at 2565! Hurrah! This number is quite close to first time around, so I am still operating under the "it may be one or two" theory. They want me to come in for my ultrasound next week, but due to a busy schedule(new pt job) I am not going in until Friday. I'll be 5w5days. It is unlikely we'll see anything but a sac, or two. The nurse said, "The Dr. wants to get some measurements."

And, in progesterone news, I am allowed to switch to suppositories, but am staying on PIO, b/c I am paranoid. Now I have to get my insurance to cover it!

The weather is fantastic. I think I'll take the babies for a walk this morning.


  1. I hope you enjoy your walk w/the babies, really cute. Great Beta! I send my best for you to find a serene place soon.

  2. Awesome number! Take those babies for a nice walk, and give them a little hug from me too.

    Having those milestones makes a lot of sense - don't set them too high, or you'll never get relief. Statistically the rates of m/c go down A LOT after an 8 week u/s.

  3. Glad you had a nice morning with Lulen and Luna! Congratulations on the beta.

    I hope the weeks pass healthily and you reach the place where you feel really safe.

  4. What a great beta!! I have my milestone and I am holding my breath until I get there. I completely understand!

    Can't wait till the u/s!

  5. Poppy,

    Your positive comments (i.e.-"it's more likely to succeed than fail" and your "walk with the babies") were so great. My pregnancy doesn't seem real to me, and I think it is because I am afraid to let it. So, thank you for your posts. I am sending you all kinds of sticking vibes.