Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today is a Good Day

One of my online friends(in an ivf-cycling group) who had a loss last year says, whenever she worries about whether her new pregnancy will stick, "Today is a good day because today I am pregnant."

And, I am having a lot of those worries, those worries that those of us who've had a miscarriage will have.

But, today is a good day, because today I am pregnant.


I tested positive (light line) on Thursday. I decided to test that early(6dp5dt, or 11dper) because I kept waking up with anxiety. And, because I really and truly was convinced this cycle wouldn't work. The lower number of eggs, no blasts. All of it made me gloomy.

So, I POAS, and went and did yoga for a bit, and the whole time started thinking up ways to cope and move on.

The line was light, but wonderful. I honestly felt like a different person coming out of the room, from doing yoga, with that 2 lined stick in hand.

The tests have since darkened, and last night I did the digital that says "Pregnant," partially because it is the test Mr. S believed last time.

I go in Monday for my beta. I will be 10dp5dt. I really really hope we have a sticky baby(or two). Please let this be it. Let these good days continue!


  1. Sticky baby, sticky baby! I will be thinking of you on Monday, but those darkening lines sure do sound like a good sign!

  2. Oh Poppy!!! I knew it! I am so very happy for you! CONGRATULATIONS! Praying for a sticky. Sending you super beta vibes!

  3. That is awesome news! I hope the beta shows great numbers!

  4. Hooray! I have been following your journey since this fall and am delighted by your news!

    I poas about the same time you did post my transfer just to get the negative (I was as convinced as you that it didn't work). Lo and behold...

    I am wishing you a very happy beta on Monday.

  5. Hey!! Congratulations! That is AWESOME!

  6. Today is a good day indeed. That's awesome!

  7. Truly a good day! Congratulations!!

    I understand your fear but will hold out hope for you even when you find those evil worries arise. Cling tight to the feeling of that different person walking out of the room and I whole heartedly hope you never need to go back.

  8. Yay!!! Congratulations Poppy and dear hubby! Thank you bright light! Stick babies stick!

  9. It's a fantastic day!! I'm so excited for you, and I hope tomorrow's testing is positive and strong. This is so exciting!!!

  10. I just saw this post. I am crying (with joy) for you! WOW!!!

    Good luck on the beta today!!!

  11. I have goose bumps! Go babies!

  12. Congratulations, so happy to hear about your BFP!!! Sending good vibes your way for it to keep sticking.