Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think I am re-formatting my thoughts for this part of the IVF ride. (which usually feels like a roller-coaster) Currently, it is a see-saw. Maybe that is the joy of the two-week wait.

I found out last night that my Dad is buying his first home. I got home and looked it up, it is about 2 miles from a train station, in a really cute town about 1hour or so away from us. As I read the "just minutes from old town and train" comment on the realtor's website I had this flash image of our child/ren taking the train out to see their grandad for the weekend, as teens, and walking up that hill. Then I was like "don't think of it, it may never happen."

Up and down, up and down.

In possible symptom news, last night Mr. S made couscous and I got worried he'd left the pan on, because it was such a strong smell that it was like it was under my nose. But no, the stove was off, and the couscous was in its pan, covered and 'fluffing' in the kitchen. Can progesterone make you sensitive to odors?


  1. Hormones incl.progesterone and rising Hcg can increase sensitivity to odors. Congrats on your dad's new home and allowing yourself to hope and dream.

  2. that was a nice moment... that you were envisioning a sweet future, until you caught yourself doing it. I guess it's better if we don't repress ourselves so much. The 2ww is a good time for dreaming.
    We are all here dreaming with you and hoping that this cycle brings you the child that will ride that train. ;)

  3. See-saw is right! I think it's good to have those images of your kids taking the train to gramps - it gives us hope and keeps us sane. Really, if things didn't turn out how you wanted, you'd be just as devastated, whether you'd allowed yourself to hope or not. So hope and dream away, I say!

    I LOVE the names Lulen and Luna. Lulen might be a good baby name too. :-) We've had snow and rain, so couldn't see anything in the sky. Maybe tonight.

  4. SO happy for your Dad & so happy you were able to envision your happily ever after for a few moments.
    Hoping for all good things for you!