Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I want to rename my embryos Lul.en and Luna (after hearing, last night about Lul.en, which is passing close to earth this week)...
I went out with my binoculars, but didn't really find anything. It was COLD out. But, it was fun to be out, looking. A little scary when I scared a bird, which flew out of a bush, near my head.

I am still feeling doom and gloom, but am working on it. Mostly, it sets in during the early morning hours, when I am all half-awake, convinced it didn't work. That is the most vulnerable time. Maybe because it follows dreams.

Thanks for all of your hopeful & positive vibes.

Our clinic tests ridiculously late. 18dpER!(I am 10dper today) I am sure I will test before that, but not sure when. Last night, Mr. S was like "Don't test early!" and I laughed. And then he said, "OK, test 1 day later than you were planning."


  1. I have been looking for the comet also, but it's been too overcast. I will keep looking and send my wish into the Universe for a BFP whenever you test!

  2. yes I heard about the comet. I guess they may be auspicious names since supposedly this is a new comet on its first round close to the Earth.

  3. I love the new names! The clinic does test sooooo late! Can't wait for your news!

  4. Love the new names! Fingers crossed for good news!!

  5. Great names. I am almost certain we are at the same clinic (SG) - my beta is March 12, which seems so cruel. I am crossing my finger for good news from you on your beta day.

  6. I LOVE how involved and committed Mr. S is. Not that he wouldn't be, but it's so cute to hear him tell you not to test early. He knows you oh so well. I'm sorry the negative thoughts are always creeping about. That's why we're all here to help you chase them away and stay positive! Baby dust to you and your little ones!

  7. Rho- yes, we are SG too.

    babyplease- he does know me well.

    Clio- ooh, I hope it is auspicious.