Thursday, February 5, 2009

IVF/ICSI #2 Protocol

IVF/ICSI #2 protocol:
(and me admitting that we are already truly underway)
1/8-birth control pills
1/26-10 iu lupron starting 3 days before bcp's end. No more alcohol, 1/2 cup caffeine tea.
1/29- pay the clinic huge sum. Grateful for low interest rate loan!
2/1 menses
2/2 lupron evaluation. Told to wait 2 days, E2 at 81. 7 follicles on each ovary. Uterus lining "quiet"
2/4 b/w and u/s- now have 18 follicles. No cysts. E2 at 64, RE says "Get started"
2/4- 10 iu lupron in morning, 187 iu gonal-f, 75 iu luveris.*
2/5-2/7- 5 iu lupron in morning, 187 iu gonal-f, 75 luveris at night
2/7 go in for stim. check and b/w.
2/15'ish- Egg Retrieval- Start PIO or Crinone.
2/18-2/21 Embryo Transfer - continue on progesterone and baby aspirin until beta, and hopefully for months!
Wait and Pray.

My protocol is almost exactly what it was with my first IVF. The RE was happy that we got 14 eggs, all mature, last time. She decided to up my dosage from 150 gonal-f to 187 to try and get a couple of more eggs, so we can have lots of frozens.

I am excited to be started. The lupron has been giving me headaches, and I am ready for them to be DONE.

*Luckily for us, we received ALL of the stim meds for free from our clinic, and some Crinone. This is a savings of almost $3000!!! We've only had to buy the bcp's, lupron, PIO and antibiotics. Wow. It is such an odd place. They are large and factory like, when there, but they do many personal-touch things, when they can. The study nurse who gave me the meds had packaged them all so nicely. Mr. S loved the way she had packed the bags and labeled and sealed them

** IRL friends(that I see regularly)... My proposal is that you all are welcome to read here until Embryo Transfer, and then desist until I've emailed you. Your support means a lot to me, and I'd love you around while I am dealing with stims, waiting for calls, etc... Does that sound OK?


  1. Our cycle timing is very close. I do not know how your survive lupron, I only did one cycle with it and was a deranged lunatic. Best wishes with this cycle and I will be checking in regularly to see how you are progressing. Let's hope this is the one for both of us!

  2. Congratulations on getting started and the free meds! It's always exciting to have a new start. The Lupron gave me headaches too... I'll be following your progress and hoping for the best!

  3. Works for me Birch!

  4. Yeah for free meds! Wishing all the best as you wait and pray.

  5. Came here from cyclesistas. Our cycles are pretty close.

    GOOD LUCK! I'll be checking back!

  6. Holy Moly - I didn't realize how far into your cycle you are already! Very exciting! Awesome news on the meds - really amazing! Wishing you all the best!

  7. Of course! I'll wait for your email. I'm REALLY excited to hear you've gotten the go ahead and gotten started. 18!!!

  8. Great news Poppy! Exciting that you are underway. How long will you continue the Lupron? I hope the headache goes away soon. I'll be eagerly checking in for an update Friday night! That is so awesome that you got the meds for free!!!

  9. Let the fun begin. I can't believe you are already so far into this cycle and off to such a good start. You should be excited!

    Just keep focusing small steps at a time and it will be over soon. The 15ish is not very far away!

    Evil Lupron, go easy on my friend, Poppy, please.

  10. rho & chelle- I am happy to have some people cycling so close to me, I'll be checking on you too.

    flitter & devika-thanks.

    se, evergreen, martha, emily and amy- thanks, I know you all know how it is such an up and down thing!

    yes, lupron is getting worse, I was supposed to do a lot of copy-editing today, and only could do 2 hrs b/c of the headaches. Ow.

  11. Best of luck with your cycle - it sounds like you are off to a good start!

  12. Of course. Whatever you need is what we're here to provide. You know I'm always good for hanging out and NOT talking about stuff. Or giving you space, whatever you and Mr. S need. I think asking folks not to visit here for awhile is perfectly reasonable. You are in my thoughts.