Sunday, February 15, 2009

almost a dozen

We got 11 eggs. I'll get the fertilization report tomorrow. We had them do ICSI on the whole bunch(we learned that was necessary, last time).

Last time I did Egg Retrieval I had a woozy/nausea experience on coming out of sedation. The same thing happened today. Yuck.

I guess it happens to some people who have low blood pressure. Mine dipped to 86 over 63. The nurse was good and kept a close watch on me. I remembered it from before(it is one reason I get annoyed when people say IVF is easy) so I had picked a sprig of lavender leaves to inhale. I asked the nurse to get them, and the scent definitely helped some. The nurse was super cool, sprightly and steady.

Mr. S came back in, and was nice and attentive. I asked him to read to me, which was helpful with getting me to focus on something other than my pain and wooziness. When my b.p. was up to 108 over 68 I got the OK to leave.

The drive home was no-fun, but I napped after some blueberry pancakes, and am wake and feeling slow, but improved.

Thanks for all the positive energy!!! I probably will wait until tomorrow/Tuesday before any glass of wine. :)


  1. 11! That's great! Congrats!
    Rest up and feel better. Thinking of you.


  2. Sending you positive vibes, thoughts and prayers!

  3. 11 follies is fantastic! I am anxious to her your fert report tomorrow, crossing fingers for a great report.

  4. HOORAY!!! 11 is wonderful!!! I am so happy that ER is behind you. Can't wait for your fert report! The ride home is AWFUL - at least it was a Sunday! C'mon embies!

  5. You are so right none of this is easy. But you can be proud that you have a huge feat behind you.

    I will be visualizing your 11 little ones growing strong over the next few days!

  6. Thinking of you two Poppy!

  7. Thinking of you. I might need a gentle reminder at the top of whatever post you would like us IRL friends to stop reading here. We're all pulling for you.

  8. thanks everyone.
    Kan- I'll send an email to people about it, probably will be Saturday. thanks.