Thursday, December 18, 2008

shared risk or gamble?

We are in the midst of a "shared risk vs. only one more ivf" debate.

It is not an easy decision. We would have to borrow for either, but the amounts differ hugely.

Shared risk is 22K + cost of meds, but gives us up to 6 ivf's and unlimited fet's. We can do just one, and if we decide we don't want to continue, we get the full 22k back.

One more IVF would be 11K, and if that didn't succeed, the fet would add another 3 K to that. If we aren't pregnant, too bad for us.

Do I think we will get pregnant with our next ivf or fet? Yes. But, thinking means nothing. And, I can't help but think that the following, if we did shared risk "if we get pregnant, we just spent 11K more than we needed to, and we need that money"

Do I think I want to do more than one ivf + fet. Also, no. I am tired of the meds, the pain, the worry. But, not getting pregnant, and getting a refund would be super nice.

Financially, we are not in great shape. We are barely covering our mortgage and bills. There is no wiggle room. I am interviewing for jobs, but you never know what will happen.

If we did a healthcare loan, and took 3 yrs to pay it off we'd be looking at either $330 or $660 a month payment, depending on which way we went. Yikes.

It is such a gamble!


  1. Yikes is right! It might be easier to know you don't have "just one chance" for it to work out, even if that means a higher ongoing stress level at repaying a higher loan. Money should not be a factor here; it sucks that it is.

  2. I am sorry. It is such a tough call... S.G's shared risk is one of the very best. They call it shared risk for a reason though. Ugh! If you can afford it, I think I would do it. There is something to be said for 6 chances and a 100% refund at any time...GL!!!

  3. Gosh, that is so much to think about. It's like you are buying a $11K insurance policy for the 5 extra chances. Best to you always.

  4. I wish you the best with making your decision. It's such a hard call. I just hope that the right answer becomes clear to you, so you can be at peace with your decision. Either way is a good decision, I think.

  5. As scary as it sounds, it sounds like you have some good (albeit exorbitant) options to consider. I didn't even know about the existence of healthcare loans! Makes me angry that we need such a thing due to our crappy healthcare system. I know you and S will make the right decision for yourselves.

  6. What makes this so hard is there is no clear right or wrong. It is one of those situations that only hindsight would help.

    I wish I could give you a crystal ball.

  7. poppy
    it is really a tough call. Especially with your job situation right now and you guys barely making the bills.
    However, because I now have your astrological info, though, I would make suggestions based on that. From what I've seen working on other women's charts so far, your best bet would be to wait between may and july next year. Having a cycle in July even would be more perfect. I know it's a wait, but the patterns get very favorable at that time. There's also other stuff coming up for you, very important, affecting your life in the next two years, but I'd prefer to write you an email about it, if you are comfortable with that idea. let me know.

  8. If it was me I'd probably go with the shared risk for the following reasons:

    - If it didn't work the first time, and I really felt burnt out on the process I could back out and get a refund.

    - The odds are greater that it will take a few times rather then it only taking once.

    - If I knew for sure that I'd try again if it failed, then the price of 2 would be justifiable.

    It's important to consider your limits. We knew coming into this last IVF that it would be the last fresh cycle. Financially and emotionally we couldn't do anymore. Also, how do they define success - by a positive test or by delivery?

    It sounds like you are thinking of all of these things already. And again, I was only listing what I would do (and the reasons why). I wish we'd looked have into this type of program before we started down the path. You just have to decide where your limits are - and if you can do that, hopefully the decision will be easier.

    Good luck!!!

  9. Obviously you two are the ones to make the decision, so I'm just going to wish you both the best. I know you'll decide the right thing!


  10. What about - a lady in town used this and is pregnant with twins. Czech clinic, well run, and very personal. You get vacation and IF treatment without the higher cost we have here.

  11. That is really hard.

    Sometimes it's nice to have a safety net, even if you think you won't need it. It kind of puts the mind at ease. But that's a lot of money for a safety net. Guess it depends on how many IVFs you think you're willing to do, regardless of cash.