Tuesday, October 21, 2008

learning to wait

I belong to a women's group, we are a fledgling group, just 6 months along. I have been finding a lot of comfort in our monthly meetings, especially the last 2. I hosted the October meeting, and asked everyone to bring a natural object that symbolized something meaningful in their life, as well as that ties into the season. When you want, you can find symbolism in anything, so I had a lot to say, and to draw from.

I was doing my normal, frantic, get the house and food ready dance, that I do when hosting anything, and thought "what nature item will you use?"

My garden is just steps away, but I was indoors, stirring squash soup, so I looked to see if anything was even closer. I found a poppy-head that I had brought in at the end of summer. They are beautiful, almost like a little space hut, round with a straight edge, tiny opening all along the straight cap, where the seeds are released. I picked it up and considered it, shook it, felt its emptiness, and decided I needed another symbol. I may feel empty now, but I don't want that to be what defines me.

I looked some more, and picked up a moonflower pod from last summer. They dry beautifully, and have a nice rattle to them, each pod holds 4 seeds. Each seed can make one plant that will bear 50 or more blooms, and each bloom will yield 4 more seeds. It seemed a more hopeful symbol.

I am trying to think of that seed pod, and of hard, winter squash, and other lessons fall might bring. Trying to cultivate patience, hope. Willingness to wait.

I had an interview yesterday, I liked the people, and it went well. No benefits, currently, but that could change in a few months. No guarantee those benefits would cover IF, as there are many loopholes. Regardless, it felt good to be called for an interview, to do well. I need to have faith that somehow we will find a way to try again. That our next try can be like that moonflower seed, something that bears long and promises plenty.

So, I pose the question to you: what, in nature, do you respond to? Which item would you choose, to either symbolize yourself, or your hopes?


  1. I am glad that you are finding comfort in your women's group.
    Things in nature that speak to me are rocks, bats, and butterflies. Sending you a (Hug), Poppy.

  2. The women's group sounds amazing, reflective, and supportive. Good for you. I love that you chose something a bit more hopeful.

    In this season, I think holly may best represent me right now. Holly with its sharp edges and red berries. Holly with its glossy leaves and point leaves that prick you. Holly with its symbol of a certain season.

    Huh. Thanks for making me think today.

  3. Seasonally, I would choose apples to represent where I am in my life, and where I hope to be. They are wonderful on their own, and have the potentail to be turned into a wide variety of delicious, exciting, and nourishing things with a little bit of planning, care, and skill.

  4. Haha. I'm a Pepsi can. I don't belong in nature.

  5. That's easy, an evergreen tree! Specifically the Western Hemlock, which is the climax tree of temperate forests. They give me hope because they are strong, constant, subtley changing, self-sufficient, and in living for hundreds - even a thousand - years they put everything else in perspective.

    I glad you have that group of ladies IRL. And like hope2morrow said, good for you for choosing the more hopeful association.