Friday, October 17, 2008


I am trying to count the small blessings, these days. We found out that our clinic has a discount for people who make under a certain amount of money. I got the forms, filled them out, sent the appropriate tax forms, and got our reply. We qualify for 10% off whatever treatment we receive that isn't covered. Truly, I am glad, it is quite possible that this will save us $1200, if we have to go for ivc/icsi with no insurance. But, the grumpy part of me is like "Ok, now where do I get the other 11,000 + money for meds?"
To that end, I have been a job-applying machine. 6 jobs in the last 3 days, that is a lot of cover-letter writing and resume rearranging. I got one call already, but of course the job they currently have has no benefits. I really like the organization, what I learned of it, but I am realizing I have to be pretty strict. If the job has no benefits/IF coverage, it must pay WELL, if neither, I have to pass it up. Keep looking. I must admit that the call and the phone interview(it turned into that) did help boost my confidence. So, that is cool.

The other small blessing: through all of this, I can see and feel Mr. S and I growing closer. We have our little squabbles, as all people do, but they are so small that they are silly. "You did so say 'what' 3 times while we watched tv last night, your hearing is going." ... "No, you're the one who says 'what.'"
I kid you not!
Anyway, we grow closer, we are a team, and I am trying to see through to the end of this waiting game we are in, when we can move on and prepare to be parents. Dream, plan, worry and hope.


  1. Wow, Poppy, you sound really busy and productive. I'm glad you and Mr.S are a team, truly a Winning One!

  2. You go Poppy! This positive confident mood will help you find the right job (hopefully very soon) and how wonderful that you feel closer to you husband now. :)
    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my posts. I love your insights and your generosity.

  3. 10% helps, but in the end it's still not much. I wish you all the luck with your job applications - it's a lot of work and emotionally very exhausting. That's really wonderful that you and Mr. S are growing closer together. It really is a blessing.

  4. Wishing you much luck with the job applications - that is such an exhausting process!!!

    Also, so glad this journey is bring you and Mr. S closer together. I know that one of the things I treasure from our journey through IF and IVF is how it really cemented my husband and I as a team.

    Blessings for the journey!

  5. 10%...better than nothing, but yeah, the other 90% is still a huge chunk of change. Good luck with the job search. May you find something that pays well AND has IF coverage!

    I'm so glad that you and Mr. S are growing closer through all of this.

    I really do need to get my hearing checked. My mom has a type of hearing loss (otosclerosis) that may be hereditary, and I feel like mine is getting worse all the time. Poor S has to repeat himself constantly.

  6. Oh, the treatments, the money, the insurance. It creates so much stress. But- "Where there's a will, there's a way," and I truly believe that. I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect job!

    And I love that you and hubby are growing much closer. And not only that- you recognize it! Horray for you both!

  7. i love the ability of you and Mr. S to have a li'l squabble and then be all flirty with each other very soon after. your loving relationship is beautiful and inspirational.

    happy to hear about the little positives. good luck with the other applications.