Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rebel Rebel

I have a problem. I question Doctors. I question people in the medical field, in general. I question authority.
It isn't that I think I am always right, or KNOW the answer. It is just that I am not always convinced they do either. Or, if I feel they do know, I want to know too. I don't blindly follow. I like to know why.

So far, in my life, this has been better for me than worse. I have made(by made I mean asked until they agree, when they try and ignore me) Doctors do tests to check things. I have been right on three things I was worried about, that I was told I couldn't have: bronchitis, poison ivy in winter(hello, I am stupid enough to have picked berries and put them on my table) and the big whopper- skin cancer. These are things I'd have rather not had, but I had a strong feeling, and was right, and got early treatment, which is very very good. The Dr. who did the skin cancer test couldn't believe it, he kept saying "but you're only 28."

My new RE has humored me and my constant "why/what is this for?" -ness. I can't tell if she is over it, now. At first, she commented on appreciating my knowledge and quest for more. I wonder if she still feels that way?

Last night, after getting the go-ahead to start estrogen in prep for the fet in 3 weeks, Mr. S said, "What does this do, anyway, how does it help?" I told him I thought it was to build my lining, and synch my body to be ready for transfer on the 19th.

Then I stopped, and looked at the calendar, and realized that the 19th is 5 days after I am supposed to ovulate.
And, I wondered. Why am I going to do these injectable meds that make me emotional, to build a lining my body is quite good at building on its own?

Many clinics do "natural" FET's(if someone has regular cycles, etc), mine won't. Case closed. Why? Because they need to schedule with the embryology lab long enough in advance. But, my period started in the exact day to make my cycle already be in synch with the lab date.

Chances are, I'll start my estrogen today. But, I am tempted not to!!!



  1. I would follow their instructions. I know what it's like to question the doctor, but you'll be kicking yourself down the road if you don't do it and something bad results. :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way! Nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks! I've been reading more, and even though it seems likely I could do a natural fet, there is a 10% chance I'd be off a day or two, and that would suck. Estrogen, here I come!

  3. Good for you for questioning the RE, it is your body and your future family. I hope the MD gives you insight into the FET plan. Best Wishes for a BFT for this cycle. Greetings from New Hampshire.

  4. I hear you on this issue, why use drugs if a natural FET is easy to administer? But if you haven't worked the details out of the natural FET until now, it may be too late to get it done, and then you may have to wait another cycle. I would take the estrogen. One of the hardest things for me in all of this ART, is giving the control of my body and its reproductive capabilities over to a strange man. It's bizzarr-o. Best of luck! (Thanks for reading my blog!)

  5. I wondered too about the date of your FET in relation to when you would naturally ovulate -- seemed off by a few days. Anyway, I agree with the others and would follow the instructions. Even though your body does all of this really well, it would be terrible to be off by a day or 2. And the more estrogen, the juicier your lining, right? That's a good thing!

  6. I question absolutely everything, too, even though in some ways, I am one of *them.* I think that questioning is healthy and smart.

    I think I would personally do the estrogen. Just like I did progesterone suppositories after IUI and PIO after IVF. I asked WHY so many times... I am a 15+ day luteal phase person, so I never understood why I would need it. But, I decided to go ahead with it (esp after IVF...I have to admit that I skipped a lot of the progesterone suppositories due to irritation).

  7. thanks everyone- I started the estrogen. I still plan to call my RE tomorrow.

    Evergreen- actually, the FET is exactly when it should be after (expected)ovulation, as transfer is 5 days after "ovulation". Pretty crazy.

    I just tend to get a pretty quick/thick lining, on meds. Oh well, bring it on.(It was 14 in ivf cycle, which had me worried)

    sarah- thanks for telling me you question too. :)

  8. Hi. Found my way here from Circles Become Me. I, too, am looking at a FET in my future and have two in my (now distant) past. The two ancient ones were natural, and I was surprised when my RE told me they are now doing (or at least recommending) only medicated; my clinic has found they have better success rates that way. Actually I'm not surprised; ironically I always felt a little uncomfortable about the timing of transfer on the natural cycles. It felt awfully late. So, hopefully (in deciding to take the estrogen which I see you have done), you've made the right choice.

    Also, to Sarah23 on the progesterone, my understanding is that the retrieval process messes up what would otherwise happen in the ovaries to produce progesterone and sustain your lining -- so for IVF (only) I do think progesterone (or HCG, which can also provide luteal-phase support) is strongly indicated. IUI, not so much, though many clinics use it then too.

  9. Hi, new to your blog. I'm glad you started the Estrogen, and I hope your RE has answers on the dates. It sounds funny to me.