Saturday, August 23, 2008


We're taking the babies to the beach! And....we still haven't figured out what to call them.

Usually, I am quick to give nicknames. Mr. S has a million, and I use one so much that many people thought it was his last name! Our cats also have many many names. We call one "Prancer" b/c he stands and paws the ground/air when petted. "Prance, and Prancerton" as well. He is also "Sant" and a few other silly names. His sister is "Emmerly" from her name, and "Miss Em". They are also "Cat 1 & 2".

But, with our little embryos, we've been just saying things like "say goodnight to the babies" or "don't get stressed out, you have to protect the babies."

Oh so original.

We'll think of something. Or pick something, all of the aforementioned names were apt.

I must admit some part of me is probably hesitant to name them. I got so hopeful with our IVF and that pic of our blasts was placed on our fridge and was a visible symbol of hope for me. For us. Hope that didn't come to fruition.

I know I am only days away from knowing whether this worked, and that is frightening.

Hopefully, the beach will distract me. We will be staying with Mr. S's sister at her husband's condo-share. We'll just be there 2 nights. But, I look forward to walking on the beach, reading a lot, and lots of listening to waves. The condo is in a beach town we don't love. But, it is free, and it is actually ON the beach! Should be lovely.


  1. A couple nights at the beach sound wonderful. Keeping my best hopes and wishes coming your way, Fingers Crossed!

  2. OC MD here you come??? :)

    Have a great time!

  3. What a wonderful way to pass part of your 2WW. Don't worry about the names. Many loved kids are nameless for a few days. Enjoy and stay hopeful!

    (strange- the word verification is... u x luc. I'm taking that as a lucky sign!)

  4. Nice to find your blog...and thank you so much for sharing the REAL blog etiquette with me about comments (I never actually knew it! Am embarrassed to admit!) I read back quite a ways through your blogs and I really empathize with you. You sound like you're in such a healthy place...amazing to me what this journey does as far as introspection. I hope you have a restful beach getaway, and fertile thoughts are being sent your way.

  5. Hi, Poppy, what is the Real Blog etiquette? I am clueless and never want to hurt anyone's feeling or pi$$ them off...thanks so much.

  6. Remember to coat them in sunscreen; UV is terrible, I hear, for embryos.

  7. Enjoy the beach! Continue to pray those embabies stick!

  8. You know, I love the name "the babies" -- maybe that's all you need for names right now. It is such a miracle, I mean isn't it wonderful to say "we're taking the babies to the beach". I grinned from ear to ear when I read that!

    Have a great time relaxing and being distracted. Say hello to the Atlantic for me!