Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Mind the Lady in the Dressing Room

Today we had 21 follicles.
4- 14-17mm
and a bunch smaller. Estr. at 1900. My study nurse said she thought they'd wait another day to trigger me, but my Dr. called at noon to tell me it would be today. Hurrah! No more Gonal-f, Luveris or Lupron!

I was in the dressing room at Marshall's when the phone rang. I had my shirt off and jeans still on. In retrospect, maybe I should've asked her to call back, or to call her back. But, I didn't. I crouched down and tried to talk quietly. I don't think anyone was near me, but if they were it must've been funny to hear me asking if I can wear perfume(for ER) and what my estrogen is, etc. I had a moment, in the corner, near the mirror, thinking, "Is this where you have this conversation?" But, as John Lennon said on "Beautiful Boy"(which is on my IVF drive mix) "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

So, ER is Saturday. EARLY. They want us there at 6am. I will be put under, but no breathing tube. I haven't been put under since I was 17, for my wisdom teeth. I got emotional then, so I can only imagine how I'll be.

I walked around Marshall's and then Trader Joe's with a big smile on my face. I didn't even feel goofy or strange. Just happy.

I really feel like this is going to work. I know I should be cautious, and careful with my feelings. But, if we get a BFN I will be devastated, no matter what. Doing IVF means you are hoping it will work, it is a huge investment, in time, emotions, and money.

The trigger shot is done, I can get rid of the "target" the nurse drew on me.


  1. Good luck!!! I hope the retrieval goes smoothly. Lots of eggs!

  2. I recently learned that my clinic triggers when you have 4 19-20mm. Retrieval is an easy surgery -- light anesthesia. Happy thoughts!!

  3. thanks, glad to hear it isn't too bad.

  4. i really feel like this is going to work, too! i have already been quite excited but li'l things like reading that "beautiful boy" is on that mix makes me even moreso! you and S are going to be amazing parents.