Friday, May 23, 2008

4 things

The 4 Things Meme.

4 Things I did 10 Years Ago - 1998

1. I applied to grad. school for creative writing. I picked 3 schools, NYU, Univ. Montana(sort of random, b/c Montana is beautiful) and Iowa, because it is supposed to be the best. (cheating, here but I went to nyu)
2. I took two train trips around the country, to travel and to see friends. Each trip was on Amtrak, using their "3 stop" ticket. First trip was Chicago, South Dakota and St. Louis, 2nd trip was Austin, Portland and Seattle. Very fun.
3. I quit my job at the B.oys and Gi.rls club. I loved working with children, and the many types of classes I could teach(I was hired to teach computers/run the computer room, but ended up teaching creative writing, cooking, art and gardening as well)- I left because the boss was unbearable, and one day I realized that I complained, every day, about her, and complaining was taking up too much of my life.
4.My boyfriend and I moved out of our apartment, when he lost his job, and in with his mom. It was strange to be out in the country, away from friends. He was depressive and it was hard for me to take(we broke up that winter).

4 Things I did 5 Years Ago - 2003

1. Most noteable- I moved to Maryland (in August)to live with Mr. S. We had been long distance for the whole of our relationship(3 years) and after he tried to get a job in NYC(hard after sep.t. 11) We decided I'd move. I moved down, and we found a rancher house to rent. We were worried it would be hard and knew it would make or break the relationship.

2. I started teaching at R.u.tgers, creative writing, 2 sections. It was my first c.w. college teaching job and I was THRILLED. I loved taking NJ transit from NY. The whole trip took an hour, which was quicker than some of my commutes to ny city publ.ic schools.

3. I said goodbye to my good teaching jobs, it was hardest to leave a school I had been working in for 2 yrs, working with children with anxiety related to sep.t 11th) and goodbye to my nyc friends and way of life. I knew I would visit, but I knew it would be different. When I first moved to nyc(brooklyn) in 1999, I hated it. But I grew to love it. I kept calling myself "from New York" when I moved back. Even though I was born and raised here!
I had a struggle, after I moved(august) finding work. In nyc I had built up a base of jobs, and was known to be good with teaching creative writing to children, and children with special needs. I did lots of cold calls and got a very frustrating answer, "We don't need a creative writing teacher, we have english teachers."

4. I attended one of my best friend's weddings, and within a day of returning my brother had his second manic episode. This affected me deeply and sent my already bruised(from job search) ego/mental state into a mild depression. Everything felt like "too much."

4 Things I Did Yesterday -

1. Went to Sh. Gr.ove F.ert. for my third day in a row. Found out I had lots of good follicles, and, as posted yesterday, got the news to trigger and was a smiling fool!

2. Met with a friend and went to a local farmer's market with her and her 2 children. Fell in love with the tiny heirloom strawberries, and bought oysters as well. Caught her up on ivf news, and met some of her friends, all of whom had children in tow. Had the thought, "Will I finally be a part of this club soon?"

3. Attempted to open said oysters, really really hard. Baked them instead, but still cut myself a bit. Sat on the back deck with Mr. S and watched birds fly and the sky darken. Felt hopeful, anxious, and thankful, all together.

4. Made a stupid decision to take a mild(herbal) laxative around the same time as the trigger. Many friends told me it made them unbearably constipated so I had the bright idea to make sure that didn't happen. Was woken at 1130 with severe abdominal cramps, and woke on and off until 2 am. Then I slept fine.

4 TV Shows I Love to Watch - (embarrassing but true!)

1. Battlestar Galactica- our neighbors loaned us a netflix dvd of the first episode, and we were both hooked immediately. I LOVE it. I think some part of me is intrigued by the whole apocalypse, reaction, survivor thing, and I like the greek myth allusions too.

2. Top Chef/Project Runway- I know they are different shows, but they are really similar too. I love seeing the challenges, and seeing people have to think creatively under pressure. I get lots of inspiration. I Don't like the stressy music at all, though.

3. The Office- It is hilarious and I love the cringe factor and lots of it. I never really worked in an office, so it is intriguing for that, as well.

4. Mart.ha Ste.wart- I have tivo, otherwise I wouldn't watch this show. I love it and hate it. Her constant 'selling' of things drives me crazy and I fast forward whenever she starts talking Macy's, etc. I love the craft parts and the chefs and gardening.

4 Things I Love to Do -

1. Garden. I love working in the yard, seeing what has changed each day. I am not good at weeding or being super-organized, but I can make things grow, and I love that. When we first started TTC I started to try and plant things whenever I'd get my period. I liked the idea that I was creating something, helping new life, even if I didn't have it in me, yet.

2. buying food & cooking .I told Mr. S that even when I am tired I can usually find energy to cook. I am obsessed with farmer's markets and usually only know what I am cooking any given week, after I've seen what is fresh. When we go to other countries/places, one of my favorite things is to go to the supermarket.

3. Talking and laughing with people. Friends, family, Mr. S. I get a lot of energy from being around people, especially people who are genuinely kind and engaging.

4. Being outside. I am happiest outside. I was an archaeologist for 2 years, and I think it ruined me for normal work, and for spending a whole day inside. I like to eat outside, walk. I especially love being alone(or with one or two people) outside, swimming, walking, camping, drawing.

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  1. How are you feeling this morning after your trigger shot? I know it's scary thinking about the possibility of constipation. Just make sure you stay hydrated. I think that helps more than anything else. Good luck!