Saturday, May 17, 2014

file purging

Sorting through papers in our files, I just purged almost an inch thick pile of papers from our infertility to pregnancy journey(2006-2009, 2012-2013). Wow. So much time, money, bloodwork, meds, heartache, loss, and the final end: me sorting through papers while child 1 is in preschool and child 2 naps. (I'll never stop being grateful for them)

Things I found that other swith IF would appreciate: months of tcoyf charts, our initial consultation paperwork, our first and second IVF protocols, our loan paper for IVF 2 (the one that brought us our girl), the decision sheet about whether to do shared risk IVF(we didn't, we decided that the very fact that they qualified us meant we might succeed), our release letter from our RE to a plain old OB, and more.

I really hope that everyone on this journey gets this type of opportunity, to almost forget about such a file, and realize it is no longer necessary to keep it.

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