Friday, January 21, 2011

a taste of summer

Yesterday, Acorn left cheerios next to the cat, putting one down each time she passed the cat curled in her new cushion.
Today, with her first taste of peach since summer(hello canned peaches) the baby goes to the cat and offers her a taste. Forcefully. She wants to make sure the cat knows what she is missing. My daughter continues to do her circle around our house, the yellow peach clasped tight in her hand, juice almost dripping to the floor.


  1. It's so cute when they think that pets are equal to humans. My kids look devasted when our cats growl or hiss at them, even if they did just pull their tail.

  2. that is too funny. Our cats don't growl, they run away.

  3. What a sweet image! Sticky, but sweet... :)