Monday, January 24, 2011

mother and


Last night, n.ursing Acorn in a chair, the way her body settled against mine, limbs loose and so newly long, how the act of n.ursing untangles her and she sinks, swiftly, into the pure act of feeding, how she sinks, swiftly, her body curved to mine.

I was reminded, quite clearly, of the images I grew up with, of the many madonna and child paintings, of the many renaissance portraits of a baby and mother, nursing, or just together, the mother holding the child. And here I am, understanding those portraits with my bones and flesh; the abandon of the fallen asleep child. The possesiveness of the awake and looking at the world child, one hand on the mother, one hand up and reaching out. A new understanding of something I grew up with, this image, and my sudden belonging.


  1. Love love love this.

    I may copy it and post it somewhere with your permission.

    It captures that moment so perfectly.

  2. What a beautiful image - I look forward to experiencing it one day.

  3. wordgirl= yes, just give me credit or a link. thanks!!!
    Peapod- I hope you do experience it, there were years when I wondered if I would. Wow.