Friday, January 28, 2011

days of snow

It used to be I walked miles
after the first snowfall.
Now, I tie the baby
to my chest and walk four blocks. Every
dark glisten of pavement seems sinister.
One bad fall, last winter,
my mother-self cannot forget. Limbs creak
overhead. Beautiful, dangerous.
Snow falls magical and unexplainable, all
I can say to her pointed queries is, "Snow, snow."
My new view of the world.


  1. I so get it. I have always been klutzy, and I've fallen and hurt myself often enough to develop a bit of a phobia about it. It's gotten so much worse now. I enjoy looking out at the snow, but the idea of falling with my angel strapped on my chest keeps me inside more than I would like.

  2. I know! I fell with her in a carrier last winter, she was fine(and stayed asleep) but I injured my knee, it is fine now. But yes, we get more cautious.