Friday, June 25, 2010

routine, what routine?

Every time I think I've figured out a routine with Acorn, something throws it off. Life with her is all about constant improvisation. Some days, it is our fault(we put her to bed later, or are out during her main naptime)... and some days it can be something as simple as the fact that she hasn't had her morning poo, and needs to. There are many days that I am grateful that I am able to have so much time at home with this girl, and then there are days I am like "Find some full-time work, woman!" because I want to have more intriguing things happen in my day then waiting for a baby to poop.

But, when I look for full-time work (outside of my field, as ft jobs in my field only go to people with a book or two or a phd) the idea of spending 40+ hours a week doing something I am not excited about, and being away from Ms. Acorn, seems not worth it.

In the publishing front, I've been sending stuff out again, and am about to send my book out some more. One of my poems will be published this summer, in an online journal. It is a poem I wrote while p.regnant, about pre.gnancy and a visit to a museum.

So, to get back to the idea of routine. Acorn started taking 1.5 hour long naps last week!(which is a miracle in itself, after months of 30-45 minutes)... Usually from 1030-12, or 11-1230, etc. But, today's was all messed up and she has finally just gone down, now, at 230. Here's hoping I don't have a waker in another 10 minutes(which is what happened at 11, today)...
Here is her royal adorableness having her first taste of (from our garden)peas.


  1. Look at that face! Adorable! I hope she gets better at the napping... but with that face, I think she can get away with a lot. :)

    Best of luck with the publishing stuff! I know it's a tough road.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! Her eyes are a really neat color.

  3. Who would have thought that our lives would evolve around how the LO napped. Really, it makes or breaks the day. Here's to 1-1/2 hour long naps! Pinecone has had some too of that length these past couple of days, and it is AMAZING, although I am not cocky enough to assume it her new pattern. Acorn is beautiful!

  4. Who would've thought our lives would revolve around the quality of LO's naps! Here's to 1-1/2 hour naps! PC had a few of that length these past few days and it is AMAZING, but I am not cocky enough to assume it is her new pattern. Acorn is beautiful!

  5. Look at that adorable face and beautiful eyes. Those peas look delish Baby Acorn!

  6. What gorgeous eyes! Who could say no to that face?! :)