Monday, June 14, 2010

first real fever

We are a tired family over here in the garden.
Acorn had her first real fever(not vaccine related) Fri-Saturday, it went from 100-102, depending on the hour. She was sad, cranky, restless and ate much less than usual. At first we thought teething, then ear infection. I was a mess! As some may know, if a 6+month old has a fever, it is not considered worthy of calling the doctor(esp. on a weekend) unless it is 103 and up. Yikes!

I called our Ped. at 8am on the dot this morning and we went in at 930. Acorn was pronounced "Fine." and the Doctor said it had probably been a summer virus, and the fever may have made her disinterested in eating much.

Having been a pet owner for years, I am well-versed in the frustrating feeling of helplessness one has when a non-verbal being in your care is unwell, but can't say what exactly is wrong.

All weekend, I kept having 3 am visions of dire fevers, and would be (for a minute) convinced that Acorn was dying b/c a spider had bitten her(unexplained red bump on her leg), or b/c I took her in the pool. Reason would win through, but those sneaky worrisome thoughts revisited when she woke each night crying and hot and sad.

She seems to be on the mend, thankfully. I know I am lucky that her first illness waited 7 months. And, I continue to have moments where I realize that this, being a parent, harrowing as it may be sometimes, is something I get to experience. Something I feared I never would.


  1. I'm so glad to hear it passed without incident -- I would have been a total basket case -- Z has had vaccine related fevers but nothing (knock on wood) else so far.


    Nerve wracking for sure.

  2. yes, we were wrecks. Now DH has it. Ugh!