Friday, October 30, 2009

the pressure is rising

My nice, uneventful pregnancy may be getting a little more 'spicy'...

It turns out I may have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension or Pre-Eclampsia(though that is less likely)... I went in for my appt. yesterday a bit worried, as my feet have gotten a lot worse. My blood pressure was 145/85. It is usually close to 120/60, during pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy, lower. They tested my urine, and luckily I am not secreting protein, which is good, b/c that would pretty much guarantee pre-eclampsia. They took some blood and will call me if there are other bloodwork signs of pre-e. I don't have the other signs: blurry vision, headache, abdomenal pain. They were considering doing a Non-stress-test, but the baby moves so much, and the heartbeat was good enough that they decided not to.

So, if the b/w is fine I go in Monday, and if my b/p is still high I have to go to the hospital to be induced. SUCKS! That means no birth center birth, no water/tub. Ugh.

So, I will go on a relaxation and low-salt regimen this weekend. Happily, my feet are way less swollen this morning, which the midwife said to check for. I went for a swim, which is supposed to help.

My inclination is to clean and get ready for the baby, so keeping my feet up is a big challenge right now!

I will be sad to lose my birth center birth, but I have said all along that you can just hope for the birth you'd prefer, the main thing is for baby to come safely. The crazy thing: my good friend who dealth with IF for 6+ yrs is having her c-section on Monday, in the same hospital I'd be sent to!


  1. Sorry that the birth center is not in the cards, but glad that your docs are on top of monitoring you well. the baby will be here soon!!!! so exciting!


  2. Oh shoot!

    I know how it is when you'd love to have something go a certain way -- and it may not -- but I second Mo in that it does sound like you are being well taken care of...

    Thinking of you,


  3. Dang, sorry the birth center birth may not work out, but I'm glad they're taking good care of you. You're so close! Can't wait to hear the news!!

  4. I am pulling for your birth center birth and sending all kinds of low BP vibes your way. Which center did you decide on - shoot me an email if you don't want to share publicly!