Friday, June 19, 2009

the belly is growing

I am walking differently, I noticed it while we were on vacation, especially with the hundreds of stairs I climbed each day. But, I didn't know if anyone else could tell.
On Saturday, we were walking to the pool with our neighbors and my neighbor said, "Hey, you have the waddle!" and I said, dismayedly, "I know." I always thought that the waddle started because of a large belly, but now I've learned it is also about the pelvis loosening and adjusting.
Regardless, one shouldn't say "you have the waddle!" to a pregnant woman!

Here are some belly shots:

6 weeks:
19 weeks:

We have our 20 week ultrasound on Monday, I am so excited! We're planning to not find out the gender. We decided that A: it will be a fun surprise and B: we've known so much, incl. what our baby looked like as an embryo, so it will be nice to just not know.

also, I uploaded the monarch on the lavender, that I wrote about a few days ago... on the post below.


  1. You look wonderful, cute belly. How exciting, Best Wishes for your 20 week u/s.
    We didn't find out the gender of our boys, wanted to be suprised also.
    No, you shouldn't use the term waddle to any pregnant woman's face.

  2. Hooray for the growing belly! :)

  3. HOORAY for belly pics!!! You look wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I am excited for you u/s on Monday - enjoy the extended peek at the baby :) I am glad we are not alone in our plan to be surprised - how exciting! You are halfway there Mama!

  4. You look beautiful and the word "waddle" should remain unspoken - always.

  5. Your belly looks adorable! I agree, the element of surprise is often lost, how exciting to wait!

  6. You look great!

    I hope your u/s goes great!

  7. Cute little belly! I'm going to have to post mine so you believe me - I'm the same size as you at only 12 weeks. Apparently twins will do that to your body! I actually went to the doctor last week because I was afraid I was miscarrying. I had a lot of pain around my uterus, which turned out to be ligament stretching. Thank goodness that was all it was!!

    Anyway, you look great. :)