Tuesday, June 23, 2009

20 weeks! Wow.

We had our big ultrasound yesterday. We were both nervous, but it went well.

And, it was the first full day of summer, so that is lovely.

It was so wonderful to see the baby for over 30 minutes, moving(not much, should've had some juice or something) and just looking healthy and good. At first, we were told we couldn't film it, but then she said, "OK, just don't say anything." Mr. S thinks it is because he got a very disappointed look on his face when she said we couldn't. Also, we just used our digital camera, so maybe she knew it wouldn't be high quality.
The baby is measuring well, and we saw the heart and brain up close, and the spine. All looked good. We couldn't see the profile well, as the baby was head down and a little smooshed.
At one point, the tech. had the baby showing face on, and the baby moved its hands in beside the chin and the tech said, "Oh, how cute!" and we were both thinking, while looking at the skull-looking shot, 'ok, cool, not quite cute.' Funny. We are calling the pics our "day of the dead baby" pictures. We managed to not see any gender bits, the tech. told us when to look away.
A Dr. came in afterwards to do his own 10 second look, and he said everything looks good, and my placenta is in a good place for a va.ginal delivery. Hurrah! Here's hoping!
So, here you are, a bit of the ultrasound, with music, again, from our friends band, Win.terpills. And, the original idea to video-record the u/s shout-out goes to the Mamas at Robobebe. Thanks!
I like seeing the little foot pushes, and the flutter of the heart.

(for some reason, blogger isn't getting along with the code, so the video is directly below:)


  1. 20w!!! Wahoo! GREAT video - love it. So glad it was a good u/s.
    Are you feeling movement yet?

  2. 20 weeks, Yipee!! Such a beautiful video!!

  3. Wow... that is so great! (and I'm personally proud of you for not finding out the gender... what a great surprise to look forward to)

  4. Yay for a solid 20 week u/s! Thanks for sharing the video. :)

  5. thanks everyone-
    Emily- yes, I am feeling movement! After a few weeks of "is that it?" I have been feeling real taps for about 5 days. It is lovely.