Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink Overhead

I had a bit of a scare yesterday(don't worry, all is well).

It will probably be amusing, so I'll tell it, even though I was ridiculously worried.

I was in a new school, and feeling 'leaky' and went to the bathroom and thought I saw pale pink on the toilet paper. I had a mild heart-attack, but it was so pale I decided to keep going. My underwear(I've taken to only wearing light-colored underwear) I had on was fine.

I worked some more(in an incredibly uncomfortable kindergarten sized chair) and felt more leaky and was convinced I was starting to m/c. For about 20 minutes I sat and did assessments, and thought "there is nothing you can do, just wait a bit, you can go home if you need to, but if you're losing the baby, you can't do anything about it."
To be asking kids what words(such as identical, spritz, and worst of all 'bicker' etc) mean, and to have that monologue running through my head was bizarre.

I went back to the bathroom and had to wait a full 5 minutes for someone to come out, which was torturous. I was outwardly calm(though annoyed at the wait) and inwardly thinking , "Can whoever is taking forever just leave so I can find out!?"
I went in and had the same pale pink, and then looked at the paper more closely, and looked up, and the flourescent light was pink!

I was fine.

I had a nice walk in the woods(there is a park near that school) after work. Everything was squishy/soggy but smelled great in that 'spring is coming' way.

In other news, mild nausea has started, and I keep forgetting that I just need to eat something as soon as I feel icky, or else it gets worse extremely fast, and then I don't want to eat anything.


  1. How stressful for you, glad it's just the pink lighting. I'm glad you know how to manage your nausea, take good care.

  2. Oh man! That would scare me too, but I am glad to know that it was just the lighting!

  3. ugh. pregnancy is so stressful!! Last time i was pregnant, i was literally checking the tp every time i went to the bathroom for spotting. i knew it was crazy but couldn't stop myself.

    hang in there!


  4. Oh geez! Phew! The weather is lovely - sending you good sunny wishes!

  5. Yes, you made me smile. But sorry you are even in a spot to have to be checking.

    Isn't the vocab on those assessments just ridiculous? It is fun to hear their responses though.

    So glad you are still pregnant!

  6. Scary!! It's true what the photographers say..."it's all in the lighting".

    Take care!

  7. Phew! I'm glad you started the post with a note that everything is fine. I hate the second-guessing. Thinking of you and your baby. :-)

  8. Glad it was the lighting. I wanted to tell you, though, that I had some significant bleeding at 6 weeks (ended up in the ER), and then brown spotting for a week after that. Just had an ultrasound today at 8 weeks, 5 days, and all is well. I remember those obsessive bathroom trips, however. Sending you good vibes.

  9. I hope I'll stop worrying every time I go to the bathroom, but it may be one of the sad side-effects of miscarriage.