Friday, March 27, 2009

ick settling in

Morning sickness has kicked in well and good. Yuck. I guess I should be happy to have a continual reminder that I am pregnant, but... ugh. Brushing my teeth is now a scary sport. I do it, but don't know if it will be Ok.

I am even considering the ridiculously named preg.gie pops. I need some relief. (by the way, if you know me, I hate the words 'preggo' and 'preggie' just a little p.s.a.)

I made the mistake of going to the grocery store yesterday after work, and was walking down the aisles not wanting to buy anything(except, of all things king's hawaiian sweet rolls) and wondering if Mr. S will have to be the house shopper now. Normally, I LOVE shopping for food.

We got very lucky and got 1/2 price tickets to a cirque du soleil show( we were supposed to go last fall for Mr. S's bday, but the miscarriage messed with that). The show was wonderful and magical. I loved it. It was It was a small splurge, but wonderfully worth it. The $6 popcorn was not, it was stale.

Afterwards we had yummy afghani food(we were in b,more) and it was great, until we were done, at which point all of the food( on everyone's table, and being carried by) looked horrible to me. It is weird. I am a strong stomach kind of person. Usually.

Still haven't told the parents, but I want to soon, Mr S and I will discuss more tonight.


  1. I remember what a gag fest brushing my teeth during Morning, Noon, and Night sickness.
    Carbs like yummy King's sweet rolls might settle your tummy.

  2. aww... I LOVE cirque du soleil! I tried to take hubby last year for his birthday, but the tour was in FL and we're in TX!!
    I was the same way in the grocery store 1st trimester. The seafood department especially made me want to throw up. Hubby definitely was the shopper for a while!
    Good luck with the IUI!

  3. I was horrified by the things CP craved when she was pregnant. And it was hard to cook/shop for her because you never knew what would taste like Pine sol to her (pretty much every vegetable).

  4. Despite the name those preggie pop drops were my best friend forever. I kept them in my purse, car, desk, kitchen, nightstand and pantry. They were of particular use when doing grocery shopping because you are sooooo right...nothing looks ok in there!