Wednesday, March 4, 2009

beta #2

Today is a busy day. But luckily, I am home between classes, and can post this...

So, at 17dper I am at 1165!
Now, I decided to look back on my last betas, and these are quite similar. A tad higher, but not crazily so. I am currently operating under the idea that it may be twins, but one might not stick around. (But please, let one please stay with us...)

With that in mind, I am not going to be my normally active and over-scheduled self! The day we miscarried, I had 3 events and a jam-packed day, from morning to night. Obviously, we'll never know really what happened. But I don't want to take any chances!

I honestly feel so grateful to be here. This IF road is so incredibly hard, and the doubts assail so easily and frequently. I feel joyous and lucky.


  1. Great Beta! Wishing all the best for your U/S. Good for you for taking it easy.

  2. I am joyous and oh so happy and bounding and bubbly for you!

  3. Fantastic. Magnificant. Splendid. Amazing. Wonderful. Spectacular.

    No words seem to capture this monumental feat!

    Today is a good day. Today you are pregnant (and very much so)!

  4. Hooray!

    I love opening my day with beautiful news -- and it is, simply beautiful!



  5. This is wonderful!! I agree with trying to take it (somewhat) easy...can't hurt :)

  6. yeeaaaaay!!!!! it's so good to see you full of light and happiness.
    Definitely you should not overschedule yourself, especially considering that this might have been a problem before. Take good care of yourself and your baby!