Monday, February 23, 2009

frozen outside but not at the lab

Sadly, we had no embryos make it to freeze.
We had an extra blast on the day of transfer, so WTH?
My clinic is super strict about freezing, sometime a bit too much, in my opinion.

I am pretty certain I won't be doing IVF again(I know, never say never) so this is it for us. Even if we suddenly received IF coverage, I am not sure my body (and mental state) are up to the trials of IVF.

I am trying to maintain optimism and hope. The wind has blown all day and our house feels drafty. I've tried to spend some time away from work/computer and did some reading upstairs. The wind in the trees (evergreens)reminded me of the waves at the beach. The waves I listened to the cycle we got our BFP from FET. It felt like a good connection to make.

In optimistic news, have had strange center of lower abdomen pains today.
Ah, PIO, you are a tricky temptress.


  1. That stinks! They are so strict!!
    Everything else sounds great though. I am so hoping and pulling for you!!

  2. I hope that's implantation pain and sorry for the clinic strictness.

  3. If these sticky little stickers stick there'll be no need to think about snowbabies. Come on sticky stick stick.

  4. I'm really sorry you didn't have any make it to freeze. My clinics warns strictly that we shouldn't plan/hope for any extra to freeze, but I do anyway.

    Good for you for taking it easy, and I HOPE HOPE HOPE those are pregnancy/implantation twinges. Many positive thoughts coming your way!

  5. many positive waves of good wishes for implantation going your way. :)
    I like the connection you made with the trees and the sea. pretty.
    sorry your clinic is so strict.

  6. I am sorry that you did not have any totsicles from this cycle. I have never had any make it that far and dream about the day I get the $1300 cryo bill. Take it easy and I hope your twinges were those of implantation :)

  7. I'm sorry the lab didn't freeze any of the embies. That just sucks. I'm hoping for frozen embies from this fresh cycle too, but I'm now thinking that's just too greedy of me. May those twinges be implantation! Hang in there with the wait. I'll be joining you in the 2WW on Sat.