Monday, February 16, 2009

6 out of 7

Well, it turns out only 7 eggs were mature, of those, 6 fertilized. I was feeling sad, but both my nurse and Re told me that is a great number for fertilization.

Because of my fainting, etc. I had many calls today: the on-call Dr. from last night, a nurse(with fert. report) my regular nurse, and my RE. It was pretty funny. My RE was the final call, and she said, "I know you've already had many calls..." but I appreciate it. It is nice to know they are keeping an eye on me.

So, we have 6 embryos, here's hoping they all do well over the next few days.


  1. 6 out of 7 is great! Grow embies grow!

  2. Grow Embies, Grow! Thank you for the update, I hope you get lots of rest before the transfer.

  3. Great fert report! Sending all kinds of doubling vibes... Glad to hear you are better today. Enjoy being spoiled :)

  4. yes, we're thinking positive.
    Flitter- It will be a 3 or 5 day transfer, we will probably know tomorrow. Implantation is something we hope for, but can't make happen. :)

  5. I'm sending lots of grow vibes to your dear little embies. grow...Grow...GROW!!!

  6. Poppy! OMG!!!
    I just got back form vacation and am trying to catch up with everything that's going on. I didn't even realize that you were already cycling! I'm so sorry I haven''t been checking in before, but I really barelly had internet during my whole time away.
    anyway, I'm here wishing, praying for your embryos that they grow healthy and strong and that in nine months you'll be holding your miracle in your arms.
    I'll be close by now to follow along as you get closer and closer to a positive beta!
    many blessings, and many doublings!

  7. It seems you have a number you can be content with. It's always a fine line since "too many" impacts their quality and "too few" makes it stressful. Six sounds good.

    I hope the days begin to get easier for you and that you get a stellar report soon!

  8. joining in the chorus...

    Grow Embies, Grow!!!

    thanks for the update.

  9. Great news on the six fertilized out of seven! I am here hoping for nice, strong embryos. Sorry the past few days have been rough for you - hopefully it will all be worth it in a few short weeks :)

  10. Grow, grow, grow!

    Hoping to hear in a few days that your transfer goes well...

  11. That sounds great to me! I'm so excited for you - best of luck!